ES Core cross-platform core technology to satisfy different development requirements

Communication/ Multi-Media/ GUI Framework
Digital Instrument Clusters/ IVI System/ IPC

Automotive-grade platform that offers a low cost, stable and fast system New choice in IPC and IoT solutions


Digital Instrument cluster offers an eye-catching accessory option!

Highly integrated infotainment and ADAS alerts to provide real-time driving information

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IVI System

Connection to Vehicle Body Control Module and ADAS in addition to the integration of navigation systems, multimedia and applications. Can also be used for video displays (DVR, AVM). Support for HDMI, Miracast, CarPlay/Android Auto/CarLife and Bluetooth functionality. Cloud communication is used to provide real-time data and expand the scope of product applications. A sound human-machine interactive experience is delivered through Voice Command, Multi Touch Control, Gesture Recognition and steering wheel control buttons.

    Digital Instrument Clusters

    The digital instrument cluster dashboard enriches the driving experience. It not only can switch between different user interface styles and day/night modes on demand, but can also be integrated with IVI system to receive real-time updates from turn-by-turn navigation, telephone calling, ADAS alert, and TPMS monitoring. There is support for CAN-Bus communications, 2D/3D Open GL graphics processing, and configuration of warning lights.

      Industrial PC

      RISC-based Industrial PC (IPC) control/Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform, integration of different peripheral sensor devices, and 4G/LTE connectivity along with 2D/3D camera integration applications and professional HMI design to satisfy requirements such as customization, low-cost and rapid development.

        Our Service

        輝冠科技EMTEK自2002年起致力於嵌入式設計,深耕主機系統集成技術,具備從規劃到量產整機開發的能力。設計服務包括客製各式電子產品,可搭配多種平台及顯示屏;協助設計驗證與測試,以確保符合各項規範;產品上線試產到終端顧客的售後服務等等。同時導入可製造性設計(Design for Manufacturing,DFM)的精神,將設計模組化、標準化,為客戶取得量產前的最佳保證。

        Requirements Diagnosis

        • Overall assessment and consulting
        • Planning of platform proposals
        • Project Management Plan

        Turnkey Solution

        • BSP + driver
        • Middleware SDK
        • Software SDK
        • Application development
        • Power management/Performance optimum

        Product Development

        • UI/UX design
        • Software development
        • Hardware design
        • System design
        • Mechanical design
        • Stacking & Placement
        • Schematics/Layout
        • RF design
        • DVT sample

        Verification and Acceptance

        • Complete test plan of HW/SW verification
        • Design assurance & bug monitoring
        • Automatic Test SW development
        • Planning of production tooling (PPAP-compliant)
        • Local type approval
        • Work instruction

        Our Advantage

        One-stop Service
        Rapid creation of a flexible and agile customized platform


        Extensive development experience with automotive electronics



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