IVI System



Passenger Vehicle
Leopaard Mattu 12.3”Digital Cluster

The Leopaard Mattu SUV features a full LCD digital instrument cluster integrated with IVI system. The digital instrument cluster is synchronized with the information from IVI system. A CAN-Bus is used to collect and present the driver with vehicle warnings, sensor readings and alerts. Playback and notifications are also supported. Four themes are available for customizing the user interface. Night mode can be activated on demand to reduce driving fatigue at night.


Passenger Vehicle
12.3”Digital Cluster

The dashboard incorporates a 3D model for real-time vehicle body control. The display of vehicle door status, seat belt alerts and TPMS monitoring provide the driver with a more intuitive understanding of system conditions. Millimeter-wave radar is used to detect approaching vehicles and pedestrians to the front and rear. Camera view and blind spot detection are also automatically triggered when the turn indicator is used.


8.6”2-wheeler Dashboard

Three dashboard modes are available for 2-Wheeler applications: standard, navigation and video display. POI and GPS Track are used to provide alerts on accident-prone road sections and speed cameras. Bluetooth can also be used with helmet integration for making calls and playing music.

Electric Vehicle
4.3” 2-wheeler Dashboard


Original Equipment Market
Mitsubishi Grand Lancer 8” IVI System

The 12 highly integrated main functions of GS41 provide a smooth user experience. Simultaneous audio and play in background are supported even when switching back and forth between MP3, radio and digital TV. The last setting is remembered and a shortcut is provided from the home page as well. HDMI, Miracast and Bluetooth can all extend mobile phone functionality to the infotainment unit. Voice Command, Multi Touch Control and steering wheel buttons satisfy the user's control requirements under different scenarios.


Original Equipment Market
Mitsubishi Colt Plus 7” IVI System

The design streamlines the control layers horizontally with an emphasis on the driver's functional requirements. The menu design features high contrast and composite design to meet the needs of both younger and older users. Automatic scanning of radio channels makes channel surfing and transition between regions a cinch. Automatic connection of Bluetooth devices and memorization of previous settings take the trouble out of each trip.

After Market
PX5 8” IVI System

PX5 IVI System runs on the Android OS platform. Third-party apps and pinning are supported. Open databases can be used to load current road maps, real-time traffic incident reports nd weather forecasts. Home short cuts can be set so that real-time information and system monitoring can be seen at a glance.


Cockpit Electronics Control Box 

The Digital Cockpit Box is based on the Renesas M3/H3 chip so it can support two or more display outputs simultaneously. When used as a digital cluster and IVI system dashboard and central console, it also supports EAVB and can be connected to RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment). Integration of AVM/ADAS functions as well as built-in mic for CarPlay/Android/CarLife and voice commands. Supports Quick Boot, CAN Management, and CAN Diagnosis functions. Next-generation product for automotive cockpit electronics.

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