ES Core™

Dedicated automotive-grade platform application solutions


The diversity of electronic cockpit technologies under development led to EMTEK adopting an innovative approach to design. The ES Core™ is a dedicated cross-platform application for infotainment system , LCD digital instrument cluster and IPC applications. The modular design of ES Core™ enables the rapid integration of navigation, multimedia, and driver assist (ADAS) systems. Seamless integration with world-class third-party software is also supported to deliver benefits such as quick troubleshooting, simple upgrades, high compatibility and shorter development times.

ES Core™ 's Advantage


Cross-platform design


Cloud communications


Easy to integrate with third-party software


Easy to upgrade


Shorter development time



Automotive electronics integration capability


  • Rapid integration of software and hardware as well as customization ability
  • Rapid migration across different platforms
  • Rapid response to specification changes.

Experience with developing for auto makers


  • Control over development schedule
  • Familiarity with automotive certification process and specifications
  • Creation of a lean, automotive-grade materials system

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